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A college-only space for discovering classmates, events, groups, alumni, and much more.

Written By: J.M. Barnes, University of Rochester ’21
B.A. Digital Media Studies + Human-Computer Interaction.

Project Duration: 1 week
Design tools used: Figma, Sketch, Principle

Introducing: LinkedIn University 🎓

Final product


LinkedIn is a place where people can connect to people they know, to share professional experience and opportunities.

Design an experience that helps college students discover and connect to their classmates.

Please think through the end to end experience, and share your thought process, approach, research, insights and analysis with us including any concepting and wireframes. …

Introducing Cameo Pitch — shoot your shot!

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Designing a new product feature that allows users to pay celebrities to pitch their product, business idea, or hidden talents to their favorite star! The new feature will include:

  • Providing celebrities opportunities to expand their investment portfolios and make money by investing in fans.
  • Allowing fans to promote, get funding, or gain support for their business from their selected celebrity.
  • Making celebrities more accessible for small & local businesses, artists, gig workers, freelancers, etc that are looking for work.

How might we allow people to create better futures with the help of their favorite celebrity?

The social distancing era has…


There’s no question that Craigslist is one of the most powerful marketplace websites across the world. You can buy a car, hire an employee and even rent an apartment in the same place. Craigslist is the 65th most-visited website on the Internet according to Web traffic site TrafficPillar. This number alone speaks volumes to the site’s effectiveness; while it does have its detractors, it’s clear that people are visiting Craigslist in vast numbers. There are about 7 billion views of Craigslist pages per month by more than 20 million unique viewers.

As a frequent user of the Craigslist, the product’s…

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00 • Overview

The Objective

Design a standalone bill splitting app for iOS or Android. Use the existing DropBox products to inform your visual design.

Your final design should address the following:

  • Ability to spill the bill and tip with multiple people
  • Ability to specific tip amount or percentage (ex. 10%, 15%, 20%)
  • Outside of the above, feel free to be creative with what features, if any, you decide to include

Role: Product Designer

Timeline: 4 days

Tools: Adobe XD

Deliverables: Interactive Prototype, Process Book

Splitting bills between friends can be a complex process, often times friends can get into heated arguments over…

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side note: I am not affiliated with Snapchat, this is a case study that does not suggest that Snapchat must abandon their current design. This is a personal project to find solutions to enhance the user’s experience.


Role: UX Designer

Timeline: 2 months

Tools: Figma

Deliverables: Interactive Prototype


Ever since 2011, Snapchat has risen to become one of the most popular applications among social media. From 2018–19, Snapchat’s most recent mobile updates has received much controversy over the interface as consumers have expressed their frustrations and concerns with their overall experience with Snapchat. Last year more than 1,000,000 supporters have…

J.M. Barnes

Product Designer | Previously @iRobot Corporation.

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